Passport Photo Services


Here are some of the services you can get

  • Passport Photos
  • Digital Passport Photos
  • Foreign Passport Photos
  • Visas Photos
  • ID Photos
  • Baby Passport Photos
  • Driving License Photos
  • Blue Badge ID Photos
  • Student ID Photos
  • Bus Pass Photos
  • Greencard Photos
  • Season Ticket Photos

Introducing a code for digital passport photos

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) is introducing a way for you to retrieve a digital photo when you renew your passport online.

Currently, you can only upload a digital photo stored on your own device or provided by a photo shop on a memory stick, email or CD. With this new solution, your Fujifilm Photo Services retailer can provide you with a photo code with your printed passport photos. Then, when you apply online, you can use this code to retrieve your digital passport photo.